Not just a heavy metal band…much better!!

Nostoi Press – Another EP Review!

Hello guys!


We just had a new review of our EP release by the brazilian blog “Arte Metal” We`ll translate it here for our english speakers visitors (or you can try to Google Translate the page ,as there are plenty of other reviews of very nice bands!). Here it is:

“NOSTOI – THE VULTURE – This band has a unique talent, because in their sound they combine elements of three major subgenres of Rock: Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, all allied to a female voice that gives charm to the whole business. After the introduction “Road 66”, the title track proves what I said in the opening lines, it is a classy heavy rock with a great, groovie and beautiful guitar solo. “TrademarkDestruction” is a classic heavy metal song, with a beautiful guitar work, both on the bases, and solos. In fact, guitarist Pedro Santos is the highlight of the band. “Return” has a great feeling and is the best interpretation of the singer Nienna Melo, where we also have the roars of the backing vocals of bassist Marco Nobrega. Finally an efficient work, technical and without exaggeration, very good. The Nostoi (or nostói, nóstoi?) works well with virtual media,and has a series on YouTube – – telling details about the band and the like. Complete the band’s drummer Leandro Lima. /nostoi

I hope you have even more desire to listen to our music!

See you soon guys!

Nostoi \m/


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