Not just a heavy metal band…much better!!

Nostoi Webseries – Episode 2: On Lyrics and Songs

Hey everyone! How you doin’??


We are here to leave a message (as Master Schmier did….lol): IT IS ONLINE! Hell yeah,after a thousand hours of editing and a lot of sweat and bloodshed, we present you the Episode 2 of Nostoi`s Webseries! We still have some problems with the subtitles, hope to fix them 100% pretty soon – let us know if there`s something really wrong!


See you soon guys! (And as usual ,the video is right after the portuguese text)


Olá galera! Tudo bom?

Estamos aqui pra avisar que ESTA ONLINE! Sisi povo Nostoiético: depois de mil horas de edição, muito suor e sangue, apresentamos o segundo episódio da nossa série! Espero que curtam e deixem seu comentário por lá! E assinem o canal também =)



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